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Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits Goods for Sale
How can I pay for my purchases?
  Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits only accepts funds in U.S. currency, and will process the payment through our secure, authorized merchant services. Currently, we only sell to those within the United States of America. 
What does Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits offer for sale?
  Pearl Specialty Market & Spirits offers the following for sale from this online store: Wine, beer, cigars, vermouth, bitters, mixers & syrups, sake and accessories for mixing drinks. In accordance with OLCC laws (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) we do not sell any spirits from this web portal. Our "Spirits" section is for informational purposes only. 

We will only sell the above legal items to persons that are of legal drinking age (21 years and over,) and who have agreed to the policies set forth on this website.